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(Intro) Can’t Breathe by Don Dotta

Listen I aint tripping. I'm on a mission (pay attention) with ammunition and flawless vision (20/20) /

And I'm ambitious with a whole lot of wishes. If you’re talking superstitious then I might fit the description. //

My life be like a trail of stitches, my heart's where it starts only God knows where it finish. /

Take a picture of that image give it a minute, only thing is I do not see you in it. //

Like an insomniac I can harley blink can't even write my pen keep running out of ink. /

My life is like a movie scene (clips) I got issues like magazines, shoot it’s hard to think. //

Back to the subject it’s so hard to breathe perhaps this the aftermath from smoking so much weed. /

I've been thinkin' bout food and sex. The crumbs that I drop can almost feed a thousand insects //

Why everything feel so good have to be a SIN? Ask for repentance then turn around and do it again. /

But who would have thought that you would of been deceitful and oblivious like you and a friend. //

Rap beef only speak to you through the mic my subconscious takes over me whenever I write. /

It feels like extraterrestrials controlling my life like the ruling elite the modern Israelites. //

Wake up to this insane system lean not to thy own understanding that’s why my brain be on my pistol. /

With thoughts cleaner than a whistle so it's cool to sell diamonds but I can't slang crystals? //

Medication, narcotic, and chemicals I'm a political criminal my messages subliminal. /

Just let it sync in. Ya feel me?
I wanna sleep to. I can't even breathe//

Copyright 11/30/2010 release date


from Night LIFE, track released August 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Don Dotta Atlanta, Georgia

Don Dotta artist of Jemini Ent. producer and songwriter from Atlanta, GA. He has been crowned one of the best unsigned lyricist by his fans and supporters. Don Dotta brings Night Life his first official album release.

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